Is your meditation missing a piece?
You do have great results and you want a new perspective to get even more...
You tried meditation, but it didn’t seem to work for you...
You want to get started and you want a simple, straightforward guide...
Jeff Sauber is a long-time meditator, Ericksonian Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming in New York City. Prior to that, he spent a number of years in the advertising industry as a graphic designer, where he had a great deal of experience with day-to-day stress. He is also active as an artist, fencer, and occasional performer.
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In this short book, you’ll find a brand new perspective
on  the practice of meditation,
and over 20 different ways to make meditation work for you. The techniques are
presented in their purest, most straightforward forms, stripped of traditional, ritual, and esoteric elements. The practice and the methodology behind them are clearly
explained, and often illustrated with anecdotes from the
author’s own life experiences. This is a great book to have for beginners who want to jump into the practice with a
minimum of formality, people who have tried before,
but weren’t able to make it work for them, and even for
experienced meditators who want to add a new tool or two to their box of techniques.

There’s also an extensive chapter devoted to approaches and strategies to handling the kind of stress that’s
unavoidable in modern day life.
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